Friday, October 20, 2006

Look out from my window :)


This is one of the views from my window:) A night view.
It is facing a primary you can hear the bell rings for recess, the children's playing, squealing with delight on the field where they play a game called ''Catching'', which is right beside the school from Mondays through Fridays. Because of the haze (PSI still between 70-120), I opened my window less often these days. It's a little sad that the suspended PM10 pollutants will stay until early November becos of the El Nino and rain will not arrive before end October. Meanwhile we got to endure with it. I am getting dizziness as inhaling all these weird PM10 what you call, with size big enough to irritate eyes, throat, worse still I have got a sensitive nose

I managed some wonderful skies shot by the beautiful sunset by peering out of this window though (before the hazy days). One of which I've shared it here.

So Kris (Szentes, Hungary) you can see my 'world' now ;)


Irredento Urbanita said...

All the things have a before and an after.

Good comparison.

Olivier said...

Belles series. Ta vue est superbe, c'est quoi ce batiment en demi rond sur la droite ?

Beautiful series. Is your sight superb, it is what this building in round half on the line?

Kris said...

i see the night view is stunning! you are indeed living in concrete jungle. As for the haze....i shall not leave my thoughts here :D

Thanks for sharing your view, Zannie!

Keropok Man said...

Zannnie, the 3 Singapore bloggers live in 3 different parts of Singapore.

Quite a nice view you have.

Jing said...

nice shots!and i luv the first night view then!
and here often to see the latter: concrete jungle!!

and i think its very nice to live near a school, thats where i want to live.:) you can feel the young hearts all the time!!

have a nice weekend~~

James R said...

Great, great, great!

zannnie said...

qiirredento urbanita:
yes, this one was done becos i had been yearning for some rain these hazy days to help 'settle down' the particles that was suspended in the air by the Sumartran forest fires.

yes it looks like a halved circular architecture is rather unique for a primary school.

Thanks! i like that nite view also:)

keropok man:
Thanks, it's lovely when it's cooling at night, good for a stroll after dinner with a loved one:) simple pleasure

it's funny when it rains, you see (from the top view) parents holding umbrellas of various colours, all crowding a the guard house gateway waiting for their children.
someday i'll take one for the dp:)

Thanks all for being my regular dp viewers and thank you very much for your nice comments;)