Saturday, September 23, 2006

why aren't you seeing skyscrapers instead?

i have always been trying to imagine myself living in days when singapore was just a small fishing village. in it, the sky above my head, is the same, jus not the same 'scene' everytime.

Now we have the city skyscrapers which everyone is proud of.
In national day theme videos, we often get exposed to the transitions. And it had always amazed me, how in short time of 40 years, we became a modern cosmopolitan city.

but too much of anything is no good. the same for commercialisation.

i prefer to watch sunsets and the beautiful spectrum of colours in the sky immediately became a big screen in front of your eyes. However, it is a 10minutes scene only. To me it is enough. To see the beautiful 10 minutes in a different way (almost different every other day)


Keropok Man said...

Zannnie, it seems that you are always living 2 days in advance. Wow, i am posting comments for the future. LOL...

beautiful colour of the sky you have there..

Zsolt72 said... are a future girl:) could you tell me the lottery numbers for tomorrow? Which is today for you.:)

zannnie said...

Dear Zsolt, it is ''2210''

Remember to look the post for clues here every Friday :p

Birdwalker said...

Hi, Zannie:
Thanks for you comments on my blog. If you are interested, I've greated a post with instructions on how to add satellite images to your posts.