Sunday, November 12, 2006

Quiz 3 (Back by Popular demand;D)

Now, this is the 3rd Quiz for Mr/Miss Sharp Eyes DP ;)

Becos Quiz 2 (Circles...Circles) was a little difficult, I've decided to include a small clue on the photograph for those who are more observant to make the 'chase' a little exciting!;D

The question to today's quiz is:
What is this?

p.s. I'm running into the future today, as I'm taking a long haul flight tonight;) I'll be back on Monday 12Noon to announce the 'WINNER';)
So Carlos (Coimbra DP), I hope with this 'extended play' time, you'll get an opportunity to join...


Wilf James said...

It is part of an exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum on metal sculptures.

Or it could be part of the internal workings of the engines of the StarShip Enterprise that is used when it reaches a speed of warp factor 5.

Ackworth Born said...

I think this is part of the cable-car that runs from Mount Tabor down to Sentosa Island. Travelled on it nearly 6 years ago!

Olivier said...

j'aime bien cette photo et je dirais que c'est le mecanisme d'une horloge.
bonne journee

I like this photograph and I would say that it is the mechanism of a clock. good day

Jasna said...

let say it could be mechanical part of the cable car?!
have a nice weekend.

Kala said...

an alien bicycle!!!

Nathalie said...

No idea Zannnie, I'll wait for the answer. I visited your Circle Circles quiz but did not leave a note as I couldnt see what else than a drain it could be. The drain was the good answer, except only a partial one!

selana18 said...

Have a nice flight Zannie!
Your quiz it is really interesting.
So let me guess: Ι believe that it is an axis of a wheel part of an old machine.

alice said...

Perhaps works of a huge clock, it's really difficult and i don't see any clue...

Meg Nakagawa said...

I was going to say an old Singer sewing machine, but I don't think it is. I have no idea, but I do hope someone gets it.

Mountainboy said...

It's the mechanism for en escalator!?

Ben said...

OK, I think it is a mechanism to open the door.

Irredento Urbanita said...

Is that a metal sculpture?

macky said...

This is the inside of large clock, isn't it?

2 cents worth said...

escalator mechinism??

Louz said...

Its kind of elegantly Victorian, nice photo whatever it is. Some kind of bicycle or wheelchair??

Andreea said...

hmmm, let me see. this time around i'll go for either clock-work or a bike :)

zannnie said...

very imaginative Wilf...Starship Enterprise...:) and speed of warp factor 5....your answer is really profound:)

ackworth born,
cable-car...hmm...does it looked like this also? I've not see Mount Tabor yet, Thanks for popping by and joined us in the quiz.

Thank you for your kind not mechanism of the clock :)

mechanical part, but not of cable car:)

wow, another imaginative answer ''Alien Bicycle''
haha...when did Singapore allow arrivals of Sci-fi characters:p i like how your imaginative runs though...:)

It wasn't a drain's knob for hot water:)
those smaller holes in circular patterns function as prevent overflown hotwater to spill all over:)

Thank you and I am here now at my destination:) Will be posting some photos soon, in my jidee jidee jidee blogspot:)

Wheel part of an old machine is the closest answers. What machine could this be?:)