Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Theme Day - November

I was rather weak in my Chinese writing at that time when I was only 15 years old. And one school teacher told me this:

"Having a pen-pal is an effective way to improve Chinese writing''

To speak (I mean conversational Chinese) is not a problem, at least to me, BUT not for writing Chinese :( So I decided to... continue click here to this true story, my real life story about how the MAILBOX relates to me. Whenever I walk past mailboxes, this particular kind of mailbox design always captured my attention. And whenever I was in Hong Kong too (There's still plentiful there, but not so in Singapore.)Hence now in Singapore, it is something that is about to disappear soon...

I managed to find this traditional mailbox at Vivocity food republic.

p.s. I have previously wrote a post about how Singapore is striving to become a digital nation, you may click here if you wanna read about it;) as it'll soon be a reality that we are going to have email boxes replacing such snail mailboxes

This is my story and something that is about to disappear soon, check out the other 62 !! fellow Daily Photobloggers who are participating in the 1st November theme:

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photo-effe said...

the strange vision of one Chinese hole to letters, photo much delicate one

kaa said...

this is rather old. wonder where you found this box. Your penpal writing story was interesting to read..

John said...

Lovely post Zannnie I appreciate the effort, well done.

Sally said...

Hey! The second blog I enter, and the second mail box! The romance of the post does indeed seem to be a dieing thing. But what about all the people without computers?

Jazzy said...

sad to see it go, but i have to say the electronic age is just great.

nice post Zannnie =)

Ham said...

This picture is so evocative ... lovely picture. I want to try to learn mandarin to travel to China next year, I hope I do.

Olivier said...

Belle histoire et bonne idee. bravo

Beautiful history and good idea. cheer

Eric said...

That's a great post for theme day. I hope it doesn't disappear TOO quickly though.

Felicia said...

Such a nice mailbox, sad to see it go. I can't imagine not having one and only living in a digital age.

Lavender Lady said...

It is a beautiful mail box. I wish we wrote letters more. It is so much more personal.

Kim said...

Zannie, this is a wonderful post! Singapore leads the world in several areas, and the government/people seem to push themselves toward excellence and embracing the best of what is possible. For instance, your math curriculum is outstanding and is imported to schools around the globe. There are trade offs in the culture, to be sure, but you are admired for aiming very high. I loved your story!

Zsolt72 said...

its a very cute post box:)

Kate said...

This is really quite beautiful. Vibrant colours!

Jenny said...

What an interesting box and great, though sad story!

Keropok Man said...

are you still communicating with your penpal?

Jing said...

looks old mailbox.
so when you said your chinese writing... it reminds me my english and english studying...
i need write some mails in english must be very useful for me.
nice shot for theme day!

zannnie said...

it's a very old style letter box

i found this box at a food court called ''FOOD REPUBLIC'' at vivocity which i mentioned in one of the post before.Glad you like the story, it's true story..:) Thanks!

Thank you...

the rest of the people without computers will go to public libraries or make payment etc at the actual department by going there physically

i dun mind the emails...but sometimes receiving a letter from the mailbox is quite a different experience;)

i guess first you can get in touch with Jing, she indicated in this post here that she's looking for someone to practice english and while you can learn Chinese and visit China (Shanghai)...;)

Thank you and yours was a very creative idea too!:D

ohh, such an honour...and glad you like this Theme Day post. It's officially my first Theme Day as I didn't manage to sign up for the previous

I would think this change of emailboxes replacing such mailboxes to happened quite soon. Sad to say...unless we go a Museum or heritage board preserved spots to find such designs

lavender lady,
yes, it's a different touch. You can imagine even just receiving a post card with short message is a different experience:)

Thank you very very much, KIM!
Your words are really kind about Singapore...

it looked cute? ;) heh heh, maybe you meant it looked small:) mini cute

yeah,it has a nostalgic touch to it

glad you find the story behind this box interesting!

keropok man,
no, we lost touch...

Ham (fromLondon dp) is hoping to learn chinese to travel in china, maybe you can write to him and exchange some fundamental chinese for his travel:)

Thank you all of you...Thank you!

Kala said...

I just read that story - could have been a made for movie love story until I read the part about him getting married! =(