Saturday, November 04, 2006


I love this soundtrack in the movie 'Dirty Dancing' - not just this soundtrack, the movie also:) In the 90's, I remembered going to movies at the old cinema Lido (now a cineplex). With my classmates especially Ching Sian and we often hang around Orchard Road then went for McDonald's together and those days were really with lots of laughters. That used to be my kind of Saturdays' activities after our extra cirricular activities. We joined the uniform group called Girl Guides so sometimes in the late evenings we will attend camp fires organised by other schools' guides or scouts:) Those were the days....

Have a good weekend!


Olivier said...

bon film des années 90. merci pour ton histoire. souvenir souvenir.

good film of the Nineties. thank you for your history. to remember to remember.

Kala said...

hey Zannie - that is so coool - how did you post that song? I use a different method to post music - I love the song selection too - made me smile - that movie was so romantic