Monday, November 13, 2006

Southernmost tip of Asia

Being a suntanning craze, my frequent suntanning spot is Sentosa. There are three beaches, Siloso, KM8, Palawan Beach. Normally after the tann, my suntan-buddy and I would take the TRAM around the island and at one point which is where you will see here on this photo, the SOUTHERNMOST tip of ASIA:)

The 3rd Quiz answers are here.


photo-effe said...

very nice Asia Shots, great

Keropok Man said...

The Sentosa southern tip is fake one lah. haha.. shame shame to call it the tip when its linked by two causeway. :-P

The real tip of mainland Asia without any man-made links is at Tanjong Piai in Johor.

Olivier said...

Tres belle plage, il fait peut-etre un peu froid pour se baigner non ?

Very beautiful beach, it makes perhaps a little cold to bathe not?

Fay said...

Hi Zannie,
Thanks so much for leaving a comment at my blog. Please feel free to come back to visit from time to time :)
Sentosa is such a famous tourist destination! I'll make sure to visit there if I ever visit Singapore!

koeiru said...

Technically, it's Johore Baru? But if you include islands than I rule St. John's Island? But wait, Indonesia is part of Asia isn't it? :)))