Thursday, November 02, 2006


These lamps are unique in my eyes...
They are not found on the streets or in the outdoors,
They are part of the different lamps placed intentionally in series of 3's.

I wonder why in threes'?


Olivier said...

ces lampes sont magnifiques. tres belles lumieres. bravo pour cette photo.

these lamps are splendid. very beautiful lights. cheer for this photograph.

GiuCe said...

beatiful lamps... art and spirit.
great pic

greetings from trujillo-peru

John said...

I always do plantings in groups of 3 where possibel, the number being uneven works really well, perhaps the same goes here. Nice shot Zannnie.plant

macky said...

great shoot!! It looks classic.

2 cents worth said...

cause chinese dun like C, ceh, 4 fours! die die gotta have lucky numbers lah....LOL