Thursday, November 09, 2006

Do you like to eat Sushi?

We went to Sakae Sushi at Wheelock Place. It's something like our final dinner gathering for this year 2006. I like this round spherical shape interior lamp. The queue was super-long as usual but as we dun mind the counter seats and compromising to that we get to 'cut queue';)

At the counter seats, you'll face these conveyor belts, 'conveying' all these colourful plates of sushi, maki, nigiri, makimono ....and ohh, sometimes sashimi:)

Yesterday's quiz answer is related to today's. Thank you all for participating:) most of your answers are really imaginative;D


Here's the answer


Olivier said...

Hummm j'adore le sushi, il y a de bon restaurant japonais à Paris, ce qui fait que l'on peut manger de tres bon sushi.

Hummm I love the sushi, there is of Japanese good restoring in Paris, with the result that one can eat sushi very good.

Thiên said...

I love sushi, just had a great selection last Friday.

Keropok Man said...

wah. you are one of those who will willingly queue up! :-)

i love jap food. you can see them from my makan blog. **slurp**

Ben said...

Suhi is great. I would rather go traditional shop at counter seat.
We have few people selling sushi at shopping mall, street corner. The best place in Nelson is restaurant in the Hotel. It's expensive but I can test atmosphere as well as food.

Faye Pekas said...

I haven't tried sushi but I don't think I would like it.

It looks like the food is moving very fast :)

alice said...

I do like fish but don't realy know sushi...and the answer for yesterday was very interesting but very difficult to find! Hope a new game very soon.

Kala said...

ahhh so that was the answer - very nice hot water dispenser forsure - as for sushi, Im not a huge fan of it - prefer pizzas, mexican, thai, greek etc. =)

Lachezar said...

wonderful colorful snap!

Zsolt72 said...

heey..I ate suchi just right now..:)

Jazzy said...

i tried once sushi and it's hard to judge on that one (i wasn't too impressed) but would give it a go again at this place =)

zannnie said...

ohh, you are also a fan of sushi:))) Take some photos of that Japanese restaurant the next time you go there;)

Another fan:) hmm, my favourite is maki or handroll:) I love california handroll. Which selection do u like?

keropok man,
With a friend i dun mind the long queue, cos as you catch up with your friend, very soon, the queue will clear in no time:) i will check your makan blog after this...

yes, i love the traditional ones especially when i visited Kyoto and theirs were really small but cosy. And most important of all, the sushi master make the sushi on the spot, right in front of your:) those were really really FRESH! In Singapore, I dun eat the raw ones (nigiri) cos they are not as fresh as those in Japan:)

hmm, 'Hotel' do show us a photo of this great atmosphere the next time you are there again:)

faye pekas,
Perhaps you'll like it;) after trying in Tokyo or kyoto:)

The photo makes it looked fast actually, but definitely the speed wasn't tooo slow;D

ohh, u must try someday:)

Glad u find the quiz interesting! ;) i will set the 3rd game soon:) do come back soon

sometimes i like pizzas too, love thai food. In Singapore, there's not a lot of greek or mexican food...

;)Thank you for your nice comments...

you had sushi just now too;D))?

perhaps you'll like the place:)

Thank you, everyone!

macky said...

I think it looks the same as that in Japan! Like ben, I love to go traditional shop, but kaiten-sushi is also nice.