Saturday, October 07, 2006

YUAN says ''Ning Hao''....what do you say?

This 'YUAN' means the chinese currency renminbi, the greetings used by Chinese when you first called into china would be ''Ning Hao'' But how would you say it?

In Singapore, Singaporeans will just say 'hello', some say 'Har - LOU', some say 'hey-lo' ;)
I will sometimes say 'hi!' :D but if I am calling japan, I'll say 'moshi-moshi' :)

Do share with me what you say when you first pick up the phone to greet your caller...i'm simply curious;)


macky said...

As you know, moshi-moshi in Japan. After that, I will say to friends, "genki?", which means "howdy"

Jing said...

in Shanghai, people will say "nong2 hao3(侬好)"....
try ??
I will say hi to my friends...

Olivier said...

Cela ressemble à un temple dedié à l'argent.

That resembles a temple dedicated to the money.

Kris said...

you guys have some interesting signages. back to the topic.
we greet "Jó napot" or "Szia" ..or..

Zsolt72 said...

we say usually "SZIA" which can be used both for saying hello or bye. The funny is that Hungarians say hello at leaving without any problem and our SZIA sounds very similar to the US slang: see ya:)
So it can happen to you in Budapest when you arrive they say SEE YA and when you leave you hear: HELLO:)

alice said...

In France, we will say "Allo". Have a nice day, Zannie!

kaa said...

here in finland they say 'Moi' or use a greeting depending on the time of the day. As for me I usually say Hello or Moi depending on who i am talkin to; a finnish speaker or non-finnish speaker. Happy Mid Autumn's, Hope the haze clears away soon..

Keropok Man said...

ya, i seen those signs the other day. but din manage to take photos of them. its great that we have 3 Singapore DP to capture things that one of us miss out.

Great work Zann

Nathalie said...

In french, we say "Allo !", in Australia its "hello" . There you are, you are getting two countries at once !

slinger said...

Very interesting photo. Lots too look at and it all looks eye appealing.

zannnie said...

moshi-moshi, genki macky:)

侬好, jing:)

Bonjour Oliver;)

Jó napot kris :D

Szia Zsolt:D

Allo Alice :)

Moi kaa:)

Hi keropok man;)

Allo-Hello Natalie;)

Thank you Slinger and all of you for your replies:)
Hope you all have a great day!