Sunday, October 01, 2006

Theme Day - Taxi

I didn't participate, jus becos i wasn't sure how. Even the setup below was what mr budapest (8) helped me with. I just hope the two guys (the other two dpbloggers from Singapore) will post the other two taxi companies so that all who gets here on DP can see all the types that's available should you decide to come to Singapore! :D

Now do take a 'taxi-photo-ride' around 41 other different cities, enjoy! :D 1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -10 -11 -12 -13 -14 -15 -16 -17 -18 -19 -20 -21 -22 -23 -24 -25 -26 -27 -28 -29 -30 -31 -32 -33 -34 -35 -36 -37 -38 -39 -40 -41 -42 -43 -


kaa said...

comfort cabs. very comfortable indeed. what is the starting fare for cabs now? it's kinda ex in finland.

zannnie said...

it is only S$2.50 that works out to be about US$1.58

And there is also a special service if you are taking the taxi from the airport called:-

Meet and greet by driver:
Departure (to airport) S$36.00

Arrival (from airport) S$39.00

[S$39 is about USD25] so when is your next visit to Singapore?


twistedzero said...

all of us posted comfort taxis! hehe! they're the easy ones to spot! hehe!

Zsolt72 said...

hehe you three Singaporeans convienced me that comfort taxi is the one I have to choose when I am in Singapore:)

zannnie said...

yes...front view, rear view and side view:D

so maybe by now, the dpbloggers visiting us will 'insists' on a blue comfort taxi and not 'recognize' the others :)

Keropok Man said...

Zannie, Twisted,

Ya lor, I took my comfort taxi pix a few weeks ago! I just thought I would pop and see if you all posted Comfort as well.

Twisted site did not have the taxi when I visited earlier, now that he has left a msg here, let me go visit as well after this :-)