Monday, October 09, 2006

stone seats

In a bus interchange, there will be rows of stone seats like these. I guess it's becos of the height of these seats that makes them really comfortable even for a short moment. Cos u know why? As by the time you've done with lots (or some) of window shopping at a mall nearby, you'll find these stone seats really comfy to rest your legs and feet:). Somehow in Singapore, there's bound to be a shopping mall somewhere when a bus interchange is found.


Kim said...

I like this photo a lot. All the geometrics and colors really work. The rounds in San Francisco and East Bay stations seem a bit larger around, and I remember really being glad they were there for seating!

Jing said...

From the photo, they look huge.
Nice colour stone seats!!

In Shanghai, there are many small shops located just near the subway interchanges. My feet left there for many times!

slinger said...

very nice!

zannnie said...

hi kim,'s even cooling (for your butt) on rainy days;)

oh jing,
do remember to 'bring' back your feet, don't 'leave' it...:p i think u meant to say, you rest your feet there, right?

Thank you!:D