Saturday, October 21, 2006

Secrets to keeping clean

So, did you ask how we managed to keep even our void decks, corridors so clean?

Ok, here's the secret, now it's 'leaked':-
Look, this photo shows a classic example to keep our living environment clean. This small holding area is where junk mails are 'collected'. These mail boxes are for the residents living in this entire block of housing flat. The design creates an easy access even if small or short children wants to help their mom or dad to check the letter box. It's not a problem now. Even if they live on the 12th Floor;)

There is also an extensive use of garbage bins, or trash cans islandwide:) More importantly is to educate the public to throw their unwanted junk mails and flyers into the trash bins.

it's bad PSI 102
it's choking:( bad!


James R said...

It's taken me the longest time to figure out this is your comments box. I am not sharp these days. The photo has a fascinating perspective on the ordinary. It really catches one's interest. Take care and thanks for all of your comments. Cheers.

Annie said...

That is a very nice feature for letting people discard unwanted mail. It is so nice not to have to carry it up to your apartment to discard there.

Zsolt72 said...

its very practical idea. Usually mailboxes are full of junk letters and "newspapers" and people just trhow them away or they simple fall out.

selana18 said...

Hello,really interesting info.
Very nice idea...
Have a great photo.

Jing said...

its really a cleanning place! even the mail boxes in the housing flat.
Um...people here have less awareness of throw the garbage into the prepared bins. :(
i luv your cleaning city.

have a nice weekend there.

btw, zannie, i am not the only child in our family.... :D as we say in China, i am the "extra" baby!! :D