Thursday, October 05, 2006

Polka dots on trunks ;)

Not a new biological disease...POLKA dot is used becos polka dot is kinetic; it's a circle, it's never-ending.

When thot of kinetic energy, it's thoughts of dancing, not just fashion but theatrical.
This is part of the Singapore Biennale, 60 trees along Orchard Road have received a make-over.

They were dressed in red and white polka dotted strips of cloth which took 15 workers an average of four hours to wrap one tree.


Olivier said...

c'est déjà noël à singapore. ;o)
Superbe photo avec une très belle (et originale) décoration des arbres.

it is already Christmas with singapore. Superb photograph with a very beautiful (and original) decoration of the trees.

macky said...

Very interesting pattern!

Curly said...

This is a very unusual and artistic concept, certainly livens the street!

Curly's Photoshop

Kris said...

"Not a new biological disease"!

seeing it makes me feeling excited about the festival. Hopefully you'll show more about it here ;)

zannnie said...

hi Olivier, Thanks for the translated comments:) appreciate it, you're not jus kind with your comments but also thoughtful ;)

It's not for Christmas but an event called Singapore Biennale
For Christmas, we'll have christmas lightings!

yes, circles and dots can certainly form many wonderful patterns :D

it's really quite nice...a feeling like 'strawberry shortcake' living under the big mushrooms with polka dots ;D

glad that even by the photo it makes you excited! :) you should check out the programmes then, wasn't a good time now to take more photos about the Biennale, becos of the haze. You can even see the hazy situation from this photo...

Keropok Man said...

So sad the haze is here. The same picture without haze is available here... :-)

Michael Blamey said...

Definitely adds something to Orchard Road - and I like the red againt the green