Friday, October 13, 2006

Orchard Road

It's Autumn, the only thing we will know that autumn is here is by the main chinese festival called Mid Autumn's Festival. So it means even before the full moon nite, it's mooncakes sales, lanterns etc. Other than that, no obvious signs of autumn becos our weather will not change. It is still like Summer! Sunshine. Even if we hope that it rain a bit to clear the hazy conditions becos of the Sumatran forest fires, it will not. We have to wait for a couple more days then it will start to pour abit:)

This was found outside the stretch of road called Orchard Road. Orchard Road got its name from the nutmeg, pepper and fruit orchards that used to lie on either side of the street in the 1800s. Now it is rather strange if you try to match its look with its name. See the overall effect on this pix here. This photo shows the ad panels of Paragon at night, it is like a "Moulin Rouge'' wanna-be. Don't you think so?


Zsolt72 said...

When I looked at this photo first my thought was: Moulin Rouge:) And then I have read your comment. So now you know my answer...

Keropok Man said...

Wah. That shows how fast things changed here. I have not been those lights yet.

Hmm Orchard Rd, I received mailer from Takashimaya, they are having their 13th Anniversary sale.

Olivier said...

Cette photo me faite penser a 'Cabaret' la comedie musicale.
J'aime beaucoup l'ambiance qui en d├ęgage

This photograph me made think has “Cabaret” the musical. I like much the tone which releases some

macky said...

Nice photo! I think that street is good for shopping. By the way, have you been in esplanade theatre on the bay? When I have been in Singapore, the theatre was under construction.

Jing said...

I am thinking of the old times in Shanghai in 1930s when seeing your photos.
That kind of paragons, so similiar,like this "Moulin Rouge" beauty....
Um...wonderful night view!


have a nice weekend~

zannnie said...

hi Zsolt, so u also feel the Moulin Rouge atmosphere on this photo :D Great minds think alike haha, but even Olivier agrees too!

Keropok man & Jing, Thanks for watching my DP :)

And Jing, Glad you like it and Thanks for the nice comments and thanks!

Yes macky, i' love that whole area where Esplanade on the Bay must have been some time ago when you visited Singapore...cos Esplanade has been running for 4years since its first opening:) i took some photos of Esplanade not too long ago, will put up one soon, dun forgot to check back my dp :)

Once again, Thank you all for your nice comments!!:D