Monday, October 23, 2006

Movie buff

I am a movie buff. Yes, totally! I love movie experiences, and yesterday was the last second day of the EU Film Festival and I went for the United Kingdom's arts film called 'My Summer of Love'. This photo was taken right above my head at the box office (of the new cineplex at vivocity) while waiting in the queue for my tickets :) I also found out that this cineplex is screening 24hours, wow!

Tamsin: This is Edith Piaf. I just adore her. She was this marvellous Parisian woman who had such a wonderfully tragic life. She was married 3 times & each husband died in mysterious circumstances. The last one was a boxing champion and she killed him with a fork. She didn't even go to prison because in France crimes of passion are forgiven.

Please click to see/hear this song sang by Edith Piaf. This music set the whole mood to that intended scene:) Alot was "said" (between the lines) in this particular scene which makes one wants to go back to watch this film again.

Are you a movie fanatic too? If you have sometime , do share with me which is your favourite film/movie OR the venue that you had the best movie experience and why you like the film:)


Annie said...

Zannie, what a wonderful photo of the light fixture at the theater.

Nope I'm not a big movie-goer.

I am a big fan of Edith Piaf, however, but didn't know she'd stabbed her husband - and killed him - and got off. Wow.

zannnie said...

Yes, Annie you are right. Of course Edith Piaf didn't get away in the name of ''Crimes of Passion''being forgiven in France cos in the first place she didn't even have three husbands.

This movie has a strong theme about the young girls' having the rebellion and Tamsin being a rich man's daughter tells a lot of lies (without blinking an eye) and i certainly find that quote strange?So I checked it and true enough with the effect of the whole film, I see the point and it's added with a rather interesting touch in its entirety.

Thanks for your nice comments about the photo:)

Jing said...

beautiful light above your head!! :D
I am a little movie "craze"...:D

The lord of the ring/Legend of the fall/Sleepless in Seattle/Forrest Gump/... --favourite movies
and all the movies directed by Ang Lee. :D


macky said...

Beatiful photo:-)
jing: Ang Lee is a great director!

Now, I am hooked on 24, an American TV drama. Plus, I love Wim Wenders' movies and photos.

Wilf James said...

A great photo, but you got me going with the Edith Piaf story! I don't know all that much in detail about her life but I have visited her grave in Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris.

Have a look at Edith Piaf on Wikipedia.

zannnie said...

I like Forest Gump and that line ''Life is like a box of Chocolates'', you never know what you gonna get:)

alice said...

Thank you, i didn't know all that precisions about Edith Piaf, particulary she killed her last husban (Marcel Cerdan, if i have a good memory). But do you know she began to knit a new pull-over for every man she was in love with? Unfortunaly, very often, the love story ended before she finished to knit...

zannnie said...


I read about ''24'' sometime back, and maybe i'll check it out too:)

Oh, you've visited her grave in Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris. I read about her only before I wrote this post as i had been thinking what Tamsin (the main character in the film) said. I was also curious about this 'strange allowance' of ''She didn't even go to prison because in France crimes of passion are forgiven''... (pls read my frist comment to Annie on this same page:))

It was a movie tactic and it was very well executed if you have a chance to watch this arts film:) Normally I like to watch French films but this EU film fest. i was only able to watch this UK one.

Thank you for the link... i guess it will be helpful reference for those who read this post:)


wow, knitting a new pullover? it's romantic...

I've checked one of her video and she really sang with lots of passion...hmm..i think her voice is really powerful and she sang really well indeed!:D

Thank you for sharing this information about the pullover, i didn't know that before:)


Nathalie said...

Dear Zannnie,
Edith Piaf did not kill her last love of her life, Marcel Cerdan the boxer: not with a fork or in any other way. He died in a plane crash in the Azores in 1949 while she was in France. She was devastated.
I am surprised that your other French readers believed the story but I had to set the record straight !

I love your photo though, the colours and the lines !

zannnie said...

ah ha, Natalie, I can tell you are a fan of hers too:)

Thank you very much. And thank you for your kind comments about this photo:D Glad that you like it, the colours are really nice, you got to see the real thing ;)


Joan González said...

vivos colores.

salut. Joan