Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Going home late?

Going home late in Singapore is rather common. It is also rather safe.
Even the public transport has a poster informing you about cheaper means to get home after midnight.
This service is called ''NIGHT RIDER'' :) only S$3

However, I also understand it is not so for some countries. Ladies better stay home when night falls.
Is it like this also in your city?


macky said...

Nice photo, zannnie! In Tokyo some young people play over night on Friday and Saturday night. But most of people don't because the transportation ended about midnight. We have to wait till six in the morning to go back home. When I was college student, I would go clubbing over night on weekend:-)

zannnie said...

Hi macky,

Thanks for your nice comments once again!:)

I dun use this nite rider service more becos i seldom go clubbing til midnite or early morning :) even if i do, I'll normally take a taxi becos I am staying too far away from the city areas :) but frankly, it's really very reasonable pricing considering EXPRESS bus service:D

Jing said...

go out at night??
safe here!!!Zannnie~~dont worry about me...:P

In shanghai, the public transportations are available in 24 hours.Also taxis~~very convenient, just remember to choose the big companies I mentioned on the "taxi-theme blog".

oo...midnight is coming...:P go to my bed...good night~~

Keropok Man said...

I have never tried the nite rider as well. Usually when it's past midnite, I will just hail a cab and go home as soon as possible! (to sleep..)

kaa said...

now the mrt runs late too. tats good. anyway when i am there, i usually get a cab when it is after midnight. as for here, there are nitebuses till 4.30am. and usually i get the those as cab fares are ex.

√čarithranduil said...

Coimbra is a such small city that we doesn't have that problem.
The city has only 300 000 inhabitants and it have a spirit of village in big point!

The night is relatively safe, but the girls need to take care, common to any place in the world.

The public transportations almost stop entirely, being just insured for special busses and services of Taxi.


Zsolt72 said...

in Budapest we have a quite good night-time public transportation. Its like two different system. Till midnight (the subway till 11:00pm) everything goes. After that only night-busses following the lines of subways and other important routes upstairs. Until 5:00am. The downtown is safe but some part of the cities are not for ladies at nights.

GiuCe said...

public transportations are available until 00 hours,then there are only taxis... but only weekends you can see many people past midnite, another days Trujillo is so quiet :S

thanx for visit my blog :D