Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Found this big sexy ad on the building of Specialist Centre, somehow this curvaceous body will draw the attention of the Singaporean men. But hey no, it's a women's Perfume by Salvatore Ferragamo.


Shelly said...

haha I guess you will look like this if you buy it?

Olivier said...

Tres belle pub, qui ressort bien avec ta photo

macky said...

hello. This ad might make men's traffic accidents increase?

Ben said...

haha, that the way attract the man to buy the perfume for girlfriend/partner?

Louz said...

Its actually a rather lovely nude though... Of course if you use that scent you'll become like that, Absolutely.

kostas said...

I think advertising is Woman!
In every ad campaign there is a woman,a beautiful and attractive one.Have you seen tennis women players?Maria Sarapove,Kournikova etc?

zannnie said...

Really? will I? :D

Thanks! :)

yes, maybe the men are drooling and thinking about their wives/girlfriends at that moment...but i hope they dun get into an accident :p

yes, it maybe one of their marketing strategy, Christmas is around the corner :) one smart way to gain 'MIND-share' :)

woooo..OOHHh.....which woman dun want this kind of 'killer'-body? ;)