Sunday, October 08, 2006


Childhood. Especially when celebrating the Mid Autumn's Festival, I always chose lanterns which MUST be lit using candles only and my favourite design is always the BUTTERFLIES. I still remember the 'thrilling moments' of 'walking my butterfly lantern' so afraid that it will 'la ti tu' (as my grandmother liked to say in Teochew, which means 'caught fire') :p These days, I can't find anymore cellophane butterflies traditional laterns :( It has been mostly replaced with battery operated plastic icons such as Power Puff Girls and the CG cartoon characters that blinks and comes with childish musical tunes.


Zsolt72 said...

I like this sculpture very much. The way the one is touching the other's arm saying like: you belong to us.

Joan González said...

gracias por tu visita...


Keropok Man said...

zannie, i think you can find cellophane ones in Holland V. The shop has the traditional old cellophane ones. so beautiful...

btw, where were the children statues taken from? interesting. never seen them before..

Jing said...

I agree with Zsolt. As the child, we also wanted to let people who is my friends,and let people know we are in the same group!!
Like the one in the sculpture.
Nice sculpture, nice shot!

zannnie said...

I find their facial expressions very interesting too. See their texture of their fingers and feet...i paused for this sculpture becos of the boy on the right, somehow he looked worried, i think he is Acrophobic

Thank you for popping by:)

keropok man,
you can see them some distance from the MOS Burger outlet:)

Glad you like it! Thank you for your comments;)


Kris said...

firstly, that's a wonderful sculpture!
oh, they still have ducky lanterns on sale.. i've always liked lanterns of fishes and playing & melting candles are great fun!

the last i walked down a residential streets with lantern was 4 years ago..memories :)

Nathalie said...

Oh, how disappointing that the old lanterns no longer exist. So it's all cartoon characters now - and battery operated ? Very sad!