Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Birthday Ramen at Ajisen

A Ramen treat from my friend Ching Sian, a belated Birthday ''celebration'' for me at Ajisen Ramen (my favourite japanese ramen)...This is Ching Sian, dun you think she looked mysterious like this?

i kind of like the lighting effects of this restaurant, nice warm cosy experience:)


Keropok Man said...

Hey Zannnie,

Happy Belated Birthday!

Jing said...

happy balated birthday, zannnie!!
and I like that small girl in front of the restaurant.
That restaurant is also very popular in Shanghai too!!

Kris said...

Many happy returns, Zannie!

Kris said...

did my comment get through?

zannnie said...

Thank you, keropok man, jing, kris!:D

she's a very cute icon, if you've tried the ramen, you'll like the soup too...


macky said...

zannnie, happy birthday:-) This seems to be Japanese ramen shop but I don't know it, unfortunately. I like a combination of miso ramen and gyoza, jiao zi.

zannnie said...

Thank you, macky
http://www.aji1000.co.jp/ this Ajisen is very popular here in Singapore, in Hongkong and Shanghai (you can see Jing recognised it too):) it is a franchise with quite a number of outlets in Singapore...

i like softshell crabs and spicy miso ramen or Chashu-ramen :) gyoza used to be my favourite though...i missed the hot original ramen i had in Osaka :)