Saturday, September 16, 2006


my name.

many wondered how i got my name.

well, i named it myself becos i had always wanted to be HAPPY.
like that crzy big laughters kind of 'crzily happy':) so with this name 'zannnie' that sounds like zany.

i love to look at the sky, somehow it makes me feel the issues at hand had diminished. So whenever i encounter a challenge in life, i'll look up and be inspired. So you can imagine my photos and videos archives with many moments of sunsets, sea, sun and relaxing beaches.

having triple 'n' was becos registering it in anywhere had always been easier.
and best of all, i dun have to remember so many different usernames for the different blogs that i registers myself to

welcome to my daily photo blog!


Kris said...

hello, Zannie!
greetings from Szentes, Hungary!
welcome to DP family :)
awaiting more from you

Joan González said...

salut desde Barcelona.